Australian Breast Cancer Researcher
Medical Oncologist for Breast Cancer


Publications and Articles

Here you will find the various publications and articles that Dr. Lina conducted on breast cancer. Her extensive knowledge and collaborative work with international leaders of breast cancer research is demonstrated through these works.

It is Official – Sugar PROMOTES Breast Cancer!
Publication on Breast Cancer Gene Expression
Global Survey of Early Stages of Breast Cancer
Personalized Therapy for Breast Cancer
Targeted Treatments of HER2-positive Metastatic Breast Cancer
The Influence of the Spatial Distribution of the Enzymes

Research Affiliation

Dr. Lina Pugliano is affiliated with numerous universities and organisations when it comes her clinical breast cancer research. In the year of 1999 she worked as a research assistant in the University of New South Wales for the Chemistry Department. Currently, she is working as both a lecturer and a supportive care researcher at The University of Sydney. Her ongoing research allows her to expand her knowledge and expertise in breast cancer and contributes to her ability to offer assistance to patients.

Project Collaborations

Working together with international forerunners of breast cancer research, Dr. Lina Pugliano has contributed to many projects and papers which are displayed above.

Current Research

She is currently researching into the affects of obesity on the increased chances of breast cancer as well as impacts it has on the treatment process. Exercise and constant physical movement are the two things she advocats to cancer patients in order to improve their daily lifestyle and their quality of life.

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