Australian Breast Cancer Researcher
Medical Oncologist for Breast Cancer


Scope of Research

Dr. Lina Pugliano has extensive knowledge on breast cancer and its treatments. This extensive knowledge is something that has been built upon and redefined throughout her years of study and research and actively continues to do on a day to day basis. Working internationally as well as within Australia, Dr. Lina has conducted and has been involved with extraordinary studies and projects about breast cancer. Such knowledge allows her to develop the ability to support and care for her patients.

She is currently researching into the affects of obesity on breast cancer as well as impacts it has on lifestyle modification. She is an avid advocate of exercise and physical activity to her patients and speaks frequently to other health care providers about these concepts.

Her past research works and collaborations can be found on the Updates page where abstracts and full articles can be accessed.

Dr Lina has contributed to international and Australian research.
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